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19 Pin Soco Cable Tester
AKA: "Soca Tester"

Soco cable tester
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If you are a lighting, sound or scenic company or a venue with a Socapex®*
cable system you will save valuable time and aggravation with this tester.

If you are using Socapex®* type cables for motor control
whether it's chain hoists or automated scenery,
correct wiring is absolutely critical for proper operation and safety!

The Soco Cable Tester will:

  • Test all 19 conductors in a Socapex® *type multi cable.
  • Test for correct and/or incorrect wiring and shorts.
  • Features:
  • Double row Leds for easy spotting of incorrect wiring.
      ("send and return" LEDs must match,
      easier to see if any circuits are incorrect or shorted)
  • High quality rotary switch minimum- 25,000 cycle life.
        (that's a lot of cables tested!)
  • Rotary switch allows 'leaving on' to find intermittent problems**
  • Connectors on sides allow for easy testing of a coiled cable.
  • Lightweight yet durable cast aluminum chassis.
  • Metal "rollbar" handles to protect switch if dropped.
  • No slip rubber feet for additional ease of use.
  • Powered by two-AA batteries included.
  • Operation manual included.
  • **If you suspect an intermittent problem you can leave the
    switch on any circuit while you "wiggle" the cable to find the break.
    (You can't do that with digital, automated or push-button testers!)

    *Tester uses Socapex® compatible PLT connectors,
    Socapex and other brand connectors are available on request
    for an additional cost. Contact us for price and availability.

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    ®Socapex is a registered trademark of Socapex corp.