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Ultimate Focus Tool

New improved version: Now available with ratcheting wrench end!

The ultimate wrench for concert, TV & theatrical lighting technicians.
No more fumbling with an adjustable wrench or multiple wrenches, now carry
just one wrench for theatrical pipe clamps & fixtures and cheeseboro wing nuts.
Tighten and loosen clamps without damaging wing nuts, bolt heads or threads.
If thats not enough, it also has a lamp tester and a pin splitter blade built in!

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The Ultimate Focus Tool front and back:
Ultimate Focus Tool- front Ultimate Focus Tool- back

The Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool front and back:
Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool- front Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool- back
Click on any image for a larger, more detailed view.

The Ultimate Focus Tool by Stage Junk®
(yes that's the name of the manufacturer, there's a link at the bottom of this page)
After you've used this tool once you'll wonder
how you ever hung fixtures or focused without it.
It is the ultimate wrench for concert, TV & theatrical lighting technicians!
Here's the info on this wrench from the manufacturer:
This tool has been designed to fit the three main bolts on a standard
C-clamp (newer and older) used on par and leko lights.
In addition to this, the slot on the handle fits most wingnuts, road case handles, Mac 500 cam thumb screws and some smaller shackle bolts. In the middle of the slot are two sockets which fit the nut for most 6 light lamp bars and the 1/2 " bolt on the yokes of most leko fixtures. On the back of the tool is the handle slot used to get leverage on over-cranked leko and par handles. The handle slot has been made to fit most light fixtures including ETC, Strand, Altman, Thomas X handles and most old cast handles as well as mic stands with a straight handle.
There is also a place on the end of the tool to put a lanyard (safety leash).
There is a pin splitter on the right side designed to fit 20-60 amp stage pin plugs.

The most powerful feature on this tool is its continuity checker on the right side, this testing device can test Edison, Stage Pin,Twistloks and more.

This tool is manufactured out of aluminum so that the focuser can have the tool comfortably hanging from his or her wrist as they work on the lighting fixture but the aluminum is hard coat anodized to make the surface wear resistant. Because it is made out of aluminum, it will not damage steel or iron nuts and bolts.

Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool:
Everything you love about the Ultimate Focus Tool,
now with a ratcheting wrench!
The new ratchet fits yoke bolts, C-clamp bolts, pan bolts,
even the barrel focus knob on an ETC Source Four®
And all the other features of the original tool are included in this wrench.

See a You-tube demo video here: Ultimate Focus Tool Demo

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And of course don't forget the safety leash  


Out of Stock, Currently Not Available

Ultimate Focus Tool: $72
Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool: $95

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Out of Stock, Currently Not Available
Ultimate Focus Tool: $72
Ratcheting Focus Tool: $95
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